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Not qualified for ANY survey yet.

I just signed up and have yet to receive a survey for which I am qualified. I've been sent maybe six surveys so far, and when I get to the dashboard from the email, I am not qualified to take any of them. I've gotten two funnel surveys, but they're saying I'm not qualified either. On other survey sites, it doesn't usually take this long to actually start participating. Am I doing some part of it wrong?

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Amber CAmber C shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Crystal HCrystal H commented  · 

    I feel that this site is a scam ,for the past few weeks every survey is saying itsnot avaible to me.And every email is being ignored

  • oben koben k commented  · 

    This is also happening to me.I have received about 10 surveys but when I go in to it they will tell me that am not qualified.Please is the anything to do that I haven't done?

  • StephanieStephanie commented  · 

    I have also not qualified for any surveys or it tells me I have already completed that survey; which is impossible since I have yet to qualify for one.

  • Valhalla MValhalla M commented  · 

    This is happening to me too! I have gotten at least 10 emails per day, NONE of which allow me to complete the survey. I signed up about a week ago and have completed maybe 6, some of which did not even give me points because I get disqualified somewhere down the line when they don't like my answers. I emailed the help desk, which said they fixed it. I emailed back that I was still having the same issue and have not received a response.

  • Susan SSusan S commented  · 

    I'm about to give up on this. I've started SO many surveys in the past week, and keep getting told I don't qualify, after filling out many questions. It's not worth my time to keep doing this for 5 points each time. there's no payoff here for the time spent.

  • krista ekrista e commented  · 

    I have yet to find a survey I qualify for, I think this sight is a scam. They most likely get paid for the number of people that sign up.

  • Dawn WDawn W commented  · 

    Have you any surveys or free offers today?

  • Matt GMatt G commented  · 

    Same here I signed up on May 15th, today is June 2nd. I have yet to qualify for a survey! I have been offered many and have been asked the same questions repeatedly and always answer the same thing and it still doesn't provide any surveys, I'm starting to think this thing isn't actually real!

  • Lauren R55Lauren R55 commented  · 

    I signed up 5 days ago and have not done any surveys! It just keeps telling me that survey street is empty at the moment please check back later. I just wanna do a survey!

  • Rhonda RRhonda R commented  · 

    I just signed up and have yet to quality for ONE survey ...grrrrrrr

  • kelley kkelley k commented  · 

    I keep qualifying for surveys, then get to the actual survey, then a few questions in I get dq'd. Then the other surveys I get denied, the ones I do qualify for and complete, I do not receive points. I take screenshots of all surveys finished. And qualified for then randomly get dq'd when accepted and was approved. So what do I do. And I completed several offers, have proof of completion. Still no points. I don't want to give up on this site, because I really enjoy it. But, his many chances do I give it. Like a bad relationship, and my boyfriend is stealing from me, but I don't leave because I love him. Please, contact me Mintvine, what do I do? How can we fix this? I don't want to breakup with you.
    Buy me flowers?
    Or make it up to me please?
    If you need the screenshots
    I will send the 20 or so I have, of completed tasks, offers, and surveys completed with no points added to my account.
    Thank you,
    Hear from you soon?

  • CodyCody commented  · 

    I answer most, sometimes all of the questions in the survey and am then told that the quota is met or I do not qualify. Why can't it tell me before I give all the feedback or answer all their questions for free? Especially with the pathetic amount of points given. I just took 4 surveys in a row at 20 minutes each just to be told that I can't get the points? Can i get reimbursed for the wasted time on these surveys? I don't mind getting 2 points for not qualifying but if I answer 20+ questions I should get more than 2 points or the company should tell me way earlier in the survey that I don't qualify before making me answer all their questions for free... An hour and a half of my time is worth 4 points. What a waste this app has been lately.

  • Tina STina S commented  · 

    Have more surveys that more people can take or state this in the beginning to let someone decide before signing up and wasting a lot of time...

  • Carolyn YCarolyn Y commented  · 

    The title speaks 4 itself!!!!!

  • Charles HCharles H commented  · 

    Not an idea but a question why is it lately I don't qualify for any of the survies

  • Larry VLarry V commented  · 

    Me too! I keep getting "this survey is not available to you". Waste if my time!!

  • Terry OTerry O commented  · 

    Discouraging that I get through a qualifying survey that kicked out half way through the main survey .

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