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More Points Please

I think that there should be a faster way to earn points i have not been able to do a survey because there are none right now and I only need 165 until i can cash out.

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  • Rich DRich D commented  · 

    I need to know how to find out about email that is sent to support gets answered so I would know the decision of the email. Even a status update would be appreciated.

    I would like to suggest that on the Earnings statement on the Dashboard include the name of the survey that the points are being awarded for so that it is easier to acknowledge payment.

    I would appreciate a return email with the answers to these questions.

  • CJCJ commented  · 

    Please o wanna know where we gonna open to get our survey constantly. Thanks

  • chris schris s commented  · 

    Mintvine is an incredible site, it would be very helpful to reduce the waiting time to credit the points of the surveys, however it is a site that really pays. IT'S NOT SCAM

  • malcolm bmalcolm b commented  · 

    has anybody actually received a reply from mintvine?

  • Amy KAmy K commented  · 

    How much do you earn once you can redeem your points and turn them too cash. Also how long does it take to confirm pending points?

  • Jackie CheathamJackie Cheatham commented  · 

    I have never been the type of Person to 'enter '...Surveys etc..
    but I would have to say.You have to be Mindful of which direction the Survey might go and the choices up You make. Thank you MintForum!! This site is NOT another Scam/Spam website..

  • Chris DChris D commented  · 

    Are the point amounts shrinking? It seems I'm doing more surveys that are 15+ minutes long for 20 to 30 points, where surveys of that length used to be quite a bit more.

  • lorraine christina Slorraine christina S commented  · 

    akeep busy on the surveys i find mww bless you yes having the time to complete surveys several times a day that works fasteri find mint vine great interesting surveys tool

  • Sally MSally M commented  · 

    Faster way to earn points and not get turned down for surveys this much

  • Ivy BIvy B commented  · 

    I would like to see a way to report a survey that clearly they're setting it up to be a survey they can reject. I have screen shots of the survey says its pending. There were questions that they made it to where I had to do them and they already disagreed with what I had put on a prior question. This is setting up for failure. Offer us a way to actually report these surveys. I'm also tired of the set up for a 10 minute survey for a curtain price and you re-rout me to a survey that takes 50 minutes for pigeon points. This is frustrating. I have had multiple surveys I have answered at least 20 questions then I got disqualified, I was spending my time and answering them truthfully, they set up the survey to keep repeat asking me the same question that I had a neutral answer to and already said it was a neutral answer and why. or they just don't like my answer and bam I'm dq'd.. after spending 20-30 minutes on a survey.. So far this is my only noticed complaint not all surveys (knock on wood if they aren't "rejected") that I've found.

  • jennifer djennifer d commented  · 

    new member and so far happy enough

  • rick mrick m commented  · 

    I am honestly very happy with their point system. If a survey does not offer satisfactory amount of points for the time spent I can skip it which is a great feature. There are other ways to earn points as well, check out what is under the offers tab if you are hungry for more points. All in all Mintvine is a keeper in my book!

  • Marc BMarc B commented  · 

    I mean really I registered about six months ago and I have yet to qualify for a survey!! I am always honest in my replies, maybe that's the problem?


    I am earning points very comfortably.

  • Muriel-Janes-PrettyMuriel-Janes-Pretty commented  · 

    I agree with you Anonymous,about there being a faster way to earn points.There is one place here on this site,I forget what it's called but anyway,every time I try their surveys,sometimes I get to answer one or two questions and other times none because they say at the beginning,this is not a good match for me.Don't know why that is on the site taking up space.A reason for everything I guess.

  • Jeffrey WJeffrey W commented  · 

    Yeah I just signed up and no way of earning points because there are no surveys right now. B.S.

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