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Compensated Profile Updates

In an effort to increase quality control, I suggest MintVine send a reminder every 3 or 6 months for members to update their profile and provide compensation, say 50 points, to do so.

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Eric HollandEric Holland shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • DARREN JDARREN J commented  · 

    off topic bus has anybody ever had there amazon cashout rejected and the reddem button no longer there if so how was it sorted out cos its happened to me sent email with no reply back

  • deb bdeb b commented  · 


  • Teresa CTeresa C commented  · 

    that is a good idea to do so

  • Ogunje AOgunje A commented  · 

    that's very very good idea

  • jennifer djennifer d commented  · 

    got my phone no validated no prob..have answered my questions real quick, 10/10

  • fred mfred m commented  · 

    Had enuf god damn Bs,call me a fuckin cheat,liar go to drain hell, happy new year tho

  • SUNDRA HSUNDRA H commented  · 

    I Think this is a great company I need help with changing my email

  • karen gkaren g commented  · 

    I think your a great organization so far I need more help with my passwords and emails. etcetera. thanks Karen g.

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