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MintVine MattAdminMintVine Matt (Club President, MintVine) shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Susan LSusan L commented  · 

    I was terminated after answering a long battery of preferences about milk. I don't think it is fair to take all of that information from me and then say I was rejected from the survey. It was way more than just qualifying information.

  • Tammy RTammy R commented  · 

    You know I don't know how to use points and when I signed up, I also thought when I do surveys with this company I thought I can make money each week to but I see it is just point and prizes. I really need money right now not prizes. Can some one tell me if you can take these points and change them some how into money? if some one can answer that question, I would really appreciate it and also give me some heads up on how to use these points because for some reason this does not make any sense. Thank you, Tammy R.

  • ingrid.patton.5ingrid.patton.5 commented  · 

    I sure wish you had more surveys for me. I rarely get them anymore. I like Mintvine, I like the set-up.... but I'm to the point of just deleting my account because it's frustrating to never receive or seldom qualify. I signed on to make a little pocket change...that's why I'm here. I think that you should have a profile/application that is filled out in the very beginning to see if an individual is right for Mintvine instead of letting anyone sign up w the idea that they'll make some money on a regular basis....I'm talking $10 a week. One category that I've noticed is never an option as an answer on a lot of the survey questions is "disabled/do not work"...and also profile questions regarding any health conditions a person may have like MS, cancer, IBS, etc. I'm certain that there are or could be created...surveys out there that deal w medical issues...questions about meds, treatments, mental states, quality of care, knowledge of issue. this category alone would make more people eligible to work for Mintvine. Thanks for your time I. Patton

  • Sonni HSonni H commented  · 

    Wow, I see that you all actually do take into consideration our feedback. I notice that not long ago someone suggested on here that you offer Amazon gift cards in addition to Paypal, and it is now an option! :-) So many sites have feedback forums, but it is obvious that they never actually read anything that is suggested. This earns major cool-points for Mintvine! :-)

  • Andrea PAndrea P commented  · 

    Just beginning. So we'll see. ;)

  • Eric HollandEric Holland commented  · 

    Just the nature of the business. There is no ideal survey panel so I participate in many. MintVine is one of the better panels and has potential but they're also fairly new.

  • Ronda KRonda K commented  · 

    I think it is confusing, most of the time it won't let me load survey or I don't quailfy for it. There are times I will go thru many surverys and not get to take any of them.

  • Gayathri NGayathri N commented  · 

    I would be happy if more surveys become available.

  • Eric HollandEric Holland commented  · 

    You'll notice quite a few surveys revolve around employment, smartphones and video games. Just the way market research works I guess.

  • Debbie CDebbie C commented  · 

    I think disabled needs to be put on the area for employment status. Also, although I don't have a physical job, I do volunteer for a worthy cause. I feel there should be an area for that also. I get disqualified for some surveys because I don't "work" Thanks.

  • Eletthia JEletthia J commented  · 

    I really like MintVine. Its easy and understandable to get paid without alot of hassle or long uneccessary survey questions.

  • Jennifer MJennifer M commented  · 

    How about offering amazon gift cards as an alternative to paypal?

  • DONNA BDONNA B commented  · 

    loving the new mint. :D

  • VikkiVikki commented  · 

    I wanted to chime in & let everyone know that I agree with them about spending 20 minutes or more on a survey then be told that you didn't qualify. To address Ryan's temporary fix to this - it is hard to take a screenshot of the last screen you were on before finding out you don't qualify. I understand that sometimes there are glitches, etc but I've been screened out way too many times after I have spent a lot of time answering questions. 5 point, get real!

  • Yang BYang B commented  · 

    Have no idea why payment has been rejected, all my points for the payment request are APPROVED!!! This site has stopped paying users. Many people have the same situation.

  • Kassi PKassi P commented  · 

    Please screen your offers more carefully i reaserch things before i sign up for them and i gotta say 99% of the offers come up as untrustworthy. Also points should be earned for screaning surveys because they take a lot of time.

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